MyHeadlines V1.0 goes live

MyHeadlines V1.0 goes live

I have completed the whole damn thing, and in no more than 68 hours!

So what is MyHeadlines? Now every registered user can now select from over 300 news services and have the headlines appear on their Front Page of If you're into Linux then select the news feeds that match your interests. Are you into Stock Markets? Get current headlines about IPO's, market watches, Financial news. It's all available with MyHeadlines.

I started Friday night (early Saturday) while I coudn't sleep. I completed the DB changes and some testing between 01:00 and 05:00. I hobbled off to bed and was promptly asked to go feed Matthew.... Thanks Becky for not holding me to the Early Saturday shift...

I wake up arround 10:00 and go straight back to it. Matthew playing on the floor and Daddy coding on the couch... Break for lunch, beer run, and shoveling the driveway. Call it a day around 17:00. (Matt's Grand Parents come for dinner)

Sunday All Day. Superbowl on in the back ground as I type up this report. Giants are getting hammered by God's Team (Baltimore). I bet against Baltimore in every round of the playoffs and I still think the Giants should be winning...

Log on, and pick your headlines!

What's Left?

  • Adding news feeds.
  • slight modification to the DB when the morover feeds arrive... Categories!

    Mike, January 28, 21:40

    Update:I have added ALL of the headline feeds! That's over 300 Topics.

    Update:The full addon package can be found here. Known Bugs:
    None. I fixed up the themes on this site.

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